Brooklyn Botanic Gardens means hijinks


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In anticipation of this weekend’s Chili Pepper Festival, my mind hearkens back to the Garden’s first Linnaen Libation League cocktail extravaganza that was one of many perfect pressed-flower-memories of those perfumed summer nights (how few between Flatbush and the Eastern Parkway!) that we are starting to file away in memories under “LUSH: foliage, blonde friend”.

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Chicken Centerfold (without staples)

Food_Meat_and_barbecue_Fried_chicken_012326_I never actually put in the first thing that I thought was interesting enough to share, which is New York Magazines splayed-out-no-airbrushed-so-juicy-you-can-taste-it-70’s-style-fried-chicken-centerfold… yum. In the magazine the greasy thighs are strewn across the page like a cinq a sept, but if you need to get your Twice-Fried-Korean fetishism taken care of over the internet, you have it fed to you in a series of fingerlicking thumbnails:

Oh mama, meet you at Ruthie’s for a half-and-half.

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Chicken Centerfold

So, I thought I might want to share some things that I thought were wonderful and interesting.  So I thought I might start a blog. Or a clog as my completely antiquated telephone system wants to call it. Clogs are also wooden shoes. I love things… objects and sounds and food and drink and music and dance and late night champagne campaigns and strange laughters over nonsense and suspenders and spats and… yes clogs… and of course all the vagaries of the interesting venn diagram centers of any of the two where you thought that maybe never the twain would meet (like maybe clogs might meet fooddrinkwheelbarrowsoffrieswithmayonaise at the touted dutch festival on Governors Island… or maybe accordion jams meet hot off the presses live-neon-tetris-games… or fresh peaches meet pie crusts meet high heels meet the first thicksheen black french wintertime stockings just so under indian summer’s first falling leaves and falling just-above-the-knee length skirts) just all these wonderful things to see and know! I’d like to share them all (falling leaves, hems, stars, tears, melodies, standards, prices, inhibitions, waters, and empires) with strangers like you.

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