Man Is the Animal Who Uses Tools

Yes, I did Odyssey of The Mind. My team and I, wonderful, bookish, stalwart middle schoolers to a man, built a life-size model of Elvis who came alive when you touched his blue suede shoes (something to do with a magic postman, a mother with a past, and a dress form in the attic… all in all it would make a great screenplay). Our Elvis played the tambourine and swiveled his hips (via a small motor and a Christmas wreath form) and had eerily realistic plaster teeth that one team member had stolen from his orthodontist. We were pithy and smart and funny and wanted to kiss each other (here’s looking at you Joey Packer). We won. Then we lost at the State Tournament to some bumpkins from Buchanan county that made a hydraulic Forest Gump called “Forest Stump” that was wholly mechanized and could stand up off his bench and put a feather in his book.

I do not begrudge the victory (that much),  though, because undoubtedly at least one of those team members made this staggeringly marvelous machine. Hooray for the presence of thought, want of discovery, and appreciation of mechanized beauty. After all, that is music.

~thanks to Lucas for the video.

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