Since all of my live-action friends have long grown accustomed to my lengthy digressions, parenthetical e-mails, ellipses, and off-topic interjections on whatever, I decided I’d like to share things I think are interesting with strangers via the internet. In life, perhaps we’d be waiting for the waiter to bring the cocktails and something might come up… all about man-made-oyster-beds, how you can dye easter eggs with onion skins, who made the first corsets, why the fork wasn’t a common utensil until the Renaissance, how delicious and easy home-made mayonnaise is, how a leslie speaker works on an organ etc. etc. etc. But as in binary life as in the flesh, I can never boil a story down to simply “etc.”, there’s always more. Why be brief when you can be fascinated?

So from one Brooklyn based, song writing, home cooking, library loving, street find collecting, fact accumulating, accordion playing, champagne campaigning southern charades master to…. whoever you may be… I hope you like Doopalus Plus.

And I’d love to hear from you…as my dear friend Molly says: “Enough about me, what do you think about me?”

So what is Doopalus Plus? Well, “doopalus” is a bastardization of the punch line of one of my family’s stories which is as follows:

My uncle was doing a radio interview in Los Angeles, and had brought along his twin sons, at that time both 10. He had taken them to Laker’s Games and shown them the town and when his part of the interview was over, the interviewer asked the boys, both in the studio during the live broadcast, how they were liking their visit. The first son repiled, “Oh we’ve been having a great time here! We went to a basketball game!” and the DJ repeated the question to the other son and he leaned into the microphone and said:

“Poop Doop”.

Doop and its variants has since become a stand-in for any variable X, when your tongue searches out a word but can’t quite find it in time doop is an acceptable substitute, it can be et cetera anything or nothing or noun or adjective adverb gerund and, of course, interjection. I suppose it’s a lowbrow part or particle, and where there might be ne plus ultra there will always be plus doopalus, doopalus plus.

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