We’ve Got Crabs


While I was home in Virginia, a truck carrying thousands of live crabs overturned on Interstate 64 at the Croaker exit, which is about 9 miles from my house. Apparently Dave Barry already beat me to the most obvious joke (involving a tanker truck full of drawn butter) about this on his blog “A Funny Book to Have in the Bathroom if it’s 1991”. Oh, Dave Barry!

Though the accident was a waste of precious potential fodder for long lunches at the Commonwealth Club, it is also just great that Virginia’s maritime bounty is bounteous enough that we can festoon our interstate highways with backfin and call it a nice Friday. No reason to cry over spilt milk or (spilt crabs).

Now here’s some interesting information about crabs!

Here’s how to tell a male blue crab from a female blue crab:

Male Blue Crabs are called Jimmys, Female Crabs are called Sooks. All of this sounds better if you’re hearing it from somebody from Guinea standing right here in the parking lot of the post office in Susan, Virrginia.

You can catch a crab easily using chicken necks and string. That is a good way to pass an afternoon.


Here’s what a baby crab looks like, cuddly!

A softshell crab is a crab in its molted state (not a bobby or a peeler), and you catch them by walking around at low low tide in the waxing summer and poking a wire basket on a stick around in the spartina grasses. Softshell crabs can’t move once they’ve molted and will move you to ecstasy when lightly floured and fried and tucked into white bread.

Crab::butter>Nick’s tartar sauce>special sauce>cocktail sauce>fork

And lastly, to round out crab fever, here are some Mexican Crabs:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Hooray for VDOT and the buttery roads of the sweet sunny south!