Nipsey Russell


For those of you who might not know, Nipsey Russell was the “Poet Laureate of Television”. Though his career is varied and extensive, and his talents manifold, I first became aware of Nipsey as a  frequent guest on my favorite game show of all time, Pyramid. Hosted by the teak-faced Dick Clark and often featuring prizes such as sony walkmen, casio keyboards, and trips to Puerto Vallarta, Pyramid in the early 1980’s is the culmination of game show valor and skill, shoulder pads, and Mr. Russell’s impromptu verse:

Nipsey, known for breaking color barriers, freestyling rhymes (spawning many imitators), and pairing the brightest smile with the hypest turtlenecks, passed away five years ago this week. He was, and will continue to be, one hip cat.


My cat, Nipsey Russell

“The girl that I would marry. Need not be young and fair. She should be a nymphomaniac. And be a millionaire!”