I’m going to my cousin’s wedding back home in Virginia this weekend, and, like all good big marvelous southern parties, there will most certainly be a soul band there which means, of course, shag dancing! I’m not a particularly excellent dancer, though I love to dance, and before I could shag I was generally limited to “the dandridge” (which, unsurprisingly there are no videos or images on the internet, but “the dandridge”- not to be confused with the “flying dundee”- is a wide stance lunge where one plays one’s leg Pete Townsend windmill style… but I digress). The shag is a dance that is meant to be done while one is holding a cocktail. This is the official parlance, that when shagging your arm should rest “as if holding a drink about to spill, or simply holding a drink” and your body should move so fluidly that it won’t spill before you’ve finished (the drink or the song). Shag music is always beach music, which is ACC soul, mellow enough (the drums are always so laid back it’s like they’re in the other room or in the next county maybe) that as you complete the delicate steps your glass sweats just a little bit less than you do on dazzling-fall-in-love-humid summer nights.

Shag dancing is also recommended by this amazing movie from 1989:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Anyone with eyeballs can agree that Buzz Ravenel is a sweet potato, anyone with a wrist can hold a cocktail, and anyone with a clue would love to shag. Let the shagging begin!